Ana Šekerija; Banker Turned Tester!

Ana Šekerija; Banker Turned Tester!

Ana, we look forward to meeting you at the 2019 conference, especially to hearing your talk!

We’d like for you to share some awesomeness with our delegates to help them know you a bit before they meet you for real in Dublin;

“I am a 28-year-old software tester from Croatia who started her career in a Bank. While working in a big corporation was a great experience and an amazing opportunity to learn (especially for a first “real” job) I felt that my career path there was driving me away from my interests – so I applied for a QA job, got it, and never looked back. Working in IT industry without formal tech education (I have a masters degree in Economics) requires a lot of learning (and a lot of patience from my tech colleagues:) but working on fintech projects allows me to combine this knew knowledge with the one acquired on university and I enjoy it very much so far.

When I’m not catching bugs, I enjoy reading (anything from comics and horror stories ( a huuuuge Stephen King fan here!) to classical literature and agile testing books), travelling (as often and as far as I can), cooking and spending time with my dog.

On my career aspirations, hmmmm…this is always the hardest question for me because the most truthful answer would be – I have no idea 🙂 While I was in the university I never saw myself as an IT person but here I am now, loving every moment of it. The best plan I can think of is following my interests passionately (data analytics, agile, quality assurance) and looking forward to the places where they land me.

In the last 12 months I have been assigned full time on an Agile project and made the transition from traditional software development cycle to agile development. It was very challenging to find tester’s place in agile development and to organize the testing processes so they can be completed in short iterations. Sometimes it felt like the tester’s role in agile framework was misunderstood and there was a time when I didn’t understand it well either 🙂 But with a lot of learning – books, conferences, courses, talks, articles, blogs and our own retrospectives, now I feel that the whole team embraces responsibility for the quality of our product and that the testing process is much more mature. There is still a lot of things to learn ahead of us and I’m looking forward to them 🙂

Besides work, I’ve started a Women’s studies program and, best of all, adopted a dog 🙂 Since she is a pretty big (and stubborn) one, we enrolled a dog training program – so it has been a rather busy year, but a productive and happy one.

Some ‘Ana and her dog’ moments

We’ve started Selenium workshop in Infinum and it is a great place to learn a lot on automatization, but since I have been all over the place this year, I’m laying behind with my home assignments – my ambition is to catch up with them until the end of the year!

I will be talking about collecting the data on app-usage and using that data properly. My talk will mostly be oriented on mobile applications, but most of it can be applied to web apps as well. The main thing I want to share is the mistakes we made and the problems we encounter and how we handled them. Since we are building the app from scratch in an ever-changing agile process, it’s very important to define what will be tracked, when and how. Also, it is very important to keep all analytics up to date since we are adding and removing features, screens, buttons and tabs almost daily – and the data we collect is helping us making decision on it.

To make sure we are having the right data the whole team, but QA especially, needs to be sure that all necessary changes on analytics have been made before each release. After the app has been released and users start using it, it’s important that the data has been analyzed and turned to the information used for the right purposes – learning more about our customers, their needs and ways they are using the application. If we leave that data to be just some numbers in the sheets that we sometimes extract and turn into the reports and dashboards for stakeholders, we are making a huge mistake. This data can be used as headlights on a bumpy road – leading us to where we want to go and lighting our way.

Ana & the Infinum team

Testers, and especially agile testers, play a great role in taking the initiative to collect and use that data properly. If you make sure the right data is being collected and that is being collected properly and if you use it the right way you can have extremely valuable insight into your customer’s behaviour. It will make your testing better, your app more user friendly and your customer much more satisfied.

This year I attended the TestCon conference in Moscow and met a lot of great people there and heard great stories on QA, so the first idea to attend a conference as a speaker rather than a listener emerged there. In the meantime, we started implementing analytics on our project and since I was very passionate about it, I created internal workshop for our team. After the workshop, my team lead sent me a link to Q4Q2019 call for papers and a smiley (he himself has been speaker on Q4Q2017 and told us a lot about how great an experience it was). I was a bit nervous about it, but realized that if I attend, I have an amazing opportunity to learn, meet new people and have a completely new experience – so I applied and here we are 🙂

When it comes to testing-related websites, Ministry of Testing is definitely my favourite one – it offers so much talks, courses, articles and podcasts and you can find so much information on any testing-related topic that you can think of. Other tech websites that I like to follow/read are TechRadar, The Verge and Medium – but there are a lot more. And I have a subscription on The Economist, to stay connected with my primary profession.

As for the influencers, I like to read from Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory to keep me on track with Agile testing news. Alan Richardson, Michael Bolton and Gojko Adzic are always interesting as well.

I also follow Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Skinner and Christina Warren, to name a few.

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Well, I’m very much looking forward to meeting new people at Q4Q, but at first, I seem a bit shy and quiet – I do hope that doesn’t stay in the way of making new connections (and friendships…why not) 🙂 “