[AI ALERT] 5 AI Talks at Q4Q2018 You Don’t Wanna Miss!

[AI ALERT] 5 AI Talks at Q4Q2018 You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Hey guys, stay up to date with hottest topics in the new IT era, by visiting Quest for Quality Conference and listening these 5 AI talks:


1. „Not Only Cars: “AI, Please Test My App”“

We will start with Liran Barokas, our speaker from Applitools, Israel.

Quest for Quality | Speakers
Quest for Quality | Speakers | Liran Barokas


Some of the main bullet points of his talk are:

*Autonomous cars were a Scifi dream not 10 years ago.

**A computer driving a car? No way. But it did happen, and is happening.

***And if scientists do it for a complicated task such as driving, can they do it for automated regression testing?


In this talk Liran will explain what kind of help current AI techniques can bring to automated testing. Join him for his session and you will not regret. 🙂


2. „Dear Future, I am ready!?!“

Next, we move to Stefani Majić, who comes from Span LTD, Croatia.

Quest for Quality | Speakers | Stefani Majić


With such an interesting topic, she will intrigue all of you interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which are slowly but definitely penetrating every area of our life.

Stefani asks: „Could we, or better, do we dare to talk about a predictive QA, where testing is being optimized by identifying and focusing on predicted failures and potential defects, that were not previously anticipated?” Join her on the session, where you’ll start your journey with AI to make QA more sophisticated than ever.

“Roads? Where we are going, we don’t need roads!”, says Stefani. The only road is the one you should take to Dublin, to hear her talk . 🙂


3. „Understanding the Usage, Impact, and Adoption of Deep Learning in Software Quality“

Now, a bit more technical session by our speakers Supreeth and Roshan, from Philips HealthCare, India.

Quest for Quality | Speakers | Supreeth Chandrashekhar


Quest for Quality | Speakers | Roshan JC


The test quality (Coverage, Scenarios, and Defects) is one of the most important pieces of any software system. However, due to the unknown limitations of product understanding or missed scenarios to test would result in an impact on the overall quality of the software system.

To uncover the reasons behind the lack of software quality in systems, Philips conducted a mix-method study. What are the tips and conclusions that Supreeth and Roshan will share? Fly to Dublin to find out. 🙂


4. „How AI is transforming Software Testing“

A speech that will give our speaker Raj Subramanian. Raj comes from Testim, Chicago.

Quest for Quality | Speakers | Raj Subramanian


About 5 years ago everyone was talking about “Mobile First” and giving the user a mobile experience using mobile web, native and hybrid applications. Now, the new buzzword is AI. It is everywhere – in self-driving cars, speech recognition (people sure do love their Alexa :-)), and much more.

Raj says the audience will enjoy next key takeaways:

***Learn the basics of AI, How to Test AI based applications, Learn ways software testing can benefit from AI, Identify and discuss challenges involved in implementing AI based solutions.

His session starts on 4th Oct at 11am, track 2 – so hurry up and register. 🙂


5. „Testing for Bias“

And last, but not least – Adam Leon Smith fromPiccadilly Group, UK.

Quest for Quality | Speakers | Adam Leon Smith


There are unique ethical risks that occur when personal data and machine learning meet. Adam will discuss practical steps to mitigate them.

AI and machine learning introduce complex algorithms which affect our daily life. Despite all the benefits of machine learning it can be biased, and there are risks that are introduced which can manifest themselves as bias towards customers or users, for example in the form of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

Find out the rest by joining Adam’s session in October. 🙂


*Note: this is the first blog post about AI talks, we will return soon with more amazing AI topics and speakers!