A Cost Effective Post-Val’s-Day Gift Idea For Your Team

A Cost Effective Post-Val’s-Day Gift Idea For Your Team

Being a little EXTRA when it comes to getting the team a gift is always the way to go 🙂

So, Feb 14th happened last week Friday and yes, we know its not typical to get your team a val’s day gift, not everyone even knows what Val’s day is all about…but, it would totally light up the faces of your team members & spike their morale up by like 100% if you go all extra & announce that you got the team the famous 65% discounted 3+1 team pack!

The pack has 2-day passes per team member. Passes are all-inclusive & grant access to all aspects & features of the Quest for Quality Conference 2020!…Taking place in amazing DUBLIN!

In this pack, you buy 3 tickets – very discounted! Then the #Q4Q2020 team gifts your 4th team member with a free ticket…there’s no hidden charge, you get exactly what you see.

…ps, on a lighter note for post val’s day;

vals day post_14022020

Teams that attend Quest for Quality Conference always return refreshed and revived with enough practical lessons & materials to discuss on for months after the conference. Attending as a team fosters collaboration with other teams from across the globe, the diversity and cultural exposure right there is priceless!

We carefully designed this year’s conference with your team in mind and this is your best shot at getting very low cost tickets for them to an event that is both impactful, insightful, fun and energetic all at once!

Okay! Time to get them to re-fall in love with the boss!