7 Reasons to Visit Quest for Quality on 3-4 October in Dublin!

7 Reasons to Visit Quest for Quality on 3-4 October in Dublin!


Quest for Quality is a 2-day forward-thinking annual software QA and testing conference, discussing the latest trends and topics of the quality assurance, bringing together international thought leaders addressing the latest challenges of new technologies.

We invite you to join us on 3-4 October and help us reinvent the QA for the next IT era!

To make your decision easier, we have gathered 7 reasons why the #Q4Q2018 is a must-visit event for anyone interested in software quality and testing.




1) Carefully curated content

The Quest for Quality editorial board, a team of experts with hands-on industry knowledge, shaped this year’s Quest for Quality agenda with one mission in mind: to bring together industry experts who will reinvent QA for the new IT era. The editorial team pored over the submitted papers to find the best fit for this year’s conference. The selected papers and speakers will offer insights, answers and new ideas in response to the four main conference questions:

What will be the role of QA & testers in the realm of new technologies and emerging platforms?

How are AI and Machine Learning affecting QA?

What are the challenges of testing new append-only technologies, like blockchain and decentralized applications?

How to balance market drivers, safety and security and shippable quality?

The editorial team will continue to work closely with the speakers to provide the 2018 Quest for Quality attendees with actionable insights, ideas, how-to’s and tips and tricks.

2) On-the-spot answers

We set the number of attendees and designed the conference to ensure everyone can ask questions and join the discussion either right after each session or during breaks. All you have to do is raise your hand!

3) Venue: Silicon Docks.

We invite you to the very heart of Dublin, a home to many tech giants, including Comtrade Digital Services, the company organizing the Quest for Quality conference. This year, Quest for Quality returns to Silicon Docks, specifically to The Marker hotel, placing you at one of the best starting points to explore the rest of Dublin.

4) Meaningful connections, lasting friendships
The Quest for Quality conference was designed to make networking fun, simple and spontaneous. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with your peers and speakers either over a well-deserved morning coffee, QA sessions or umbrella drinks at the evening networking event. If all that fails, the conference will provide attendees with a networking app, making it easy to reach out to other attendees even before the event.

5) Actionable insights

It is highly likely that the challenges you are experiencing at your work are not yours only. Even though you might find a solution during the talks, you can always use the Q4Q conference as an opportunity to discuss the challenges with people working on the same things. After all, knowledge, much like happiness, multiplies when shared.

6) Inspiration, motivation

Seeing what your peers are doing often results in thinking: “I too can do this.” We are very proud that some of the attendees from 2017 are returning this year as speakers with the goal of encouraging others to start something new. This conference might just be the push you need to inspire and transform your work, projects or career.

7) The Quest community – A sense of belonging

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or an experienced tester, we invite everyone who made it their mission to advocate the importance of software quality to join and actively participate in the Quest community long after we close the conference door. Join other members on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of the latest industry news. But while connecting digitally is fun, discussing topics you are passionate about with knowledgeable peers eye-to-eye remains priceless.

Join us on 3-4 October in Dublin!

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