Reception Area

The Market Suite

The Shannon

    • 08:30-09:00

      Welcome Coffee

    • 09:00-09:10

      Quest for Quality Kick-Start

    • 09:10-09:55

      Opening Keynote

      Anna Royzman, Global Quality Leadership Institute: Test Leadership of the Future: New Challenges, Big Opportunities

    • 09:55-10:40

      Marie Kress & Klemen Koželj, Comtrade Digital Services: Innovation: Wonderland or Promiseland?

    • 10:40-11:10

      Coffee Break

    • 11:10-11:40

      Milan Gabor, Viris: You missed a spot: Security!

      Dmitry Vinnik, Salesforce: Domain Driven Testing: Know What You Doing

    • 11:40-11:45

      Time to Switch

    • 11:45-12:15

      Saga B. Davidsdottir and Jarl Cedergren, Sopra Steria: Ready Player One – How to Test Mixed Reality

      Marco Andrade, Toptal: Smart contract: Automated tests for decentralized platform

    • 12:15-13:30


    • 13:30-14:00

      Thomas Haver, Huntington National Bank: The Science of Testing

      Juan Manuel Perez, Ebury Partners: Continuous Integration workflow and quality processes in our financial and agile environment

    • 14:00-14:05

      Time to Switch

    • 14:05-14:35

      Liran Barokas, Applitools: Not only cars: AI, Please Test My App

      Tomaž Nahtigal, Comtrade Digital Services: Connected Health: The Challenge of Testing Bluetooth Medical Devices

    • 14:35-14:55

      Coffee Break

    • 14:55-15:25

      Stefani Majić, Span: Dear Future, I am ready!?!

      Applitools Session, Liran BarokasOne Does Not Simply Do Bitmap Comparison: Intro to Visual UI Testing

    • 15:25-15:30

      Time to Switch

    • 15:30-16:00

      Igor Goldshmidt, Gett (Gettaxi): The main power of tester is information

      Denijal Sarajlić, Comtrade Digital Services: Software building blocks in the implementation of startup solutions

    • 16:00-16:20

      Coffee Break

    • 16:20-17:20

      Round Table

      Testing (with) AI

      Moderator: Dejan Ćušić, Comtrade Digital Services

    • 17:20-22:00

      Networking Event

      @ The Marker Brasserie

    • 08:30-09:00

      Welcome Coffee

    • 09:00-09:45

      Benjamin Talin, More Than Digital: 10 Things That Will Dissapear in 10 Years

    • 09:45-10:30

      Davar Ardalan, IVOW: Storytelling in the Age of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

    • 10:30-11:00

      Coffee Break

    • 11:00-11:30

      Aleksandar Ristić, Comtrade Digital Services: Devil in the Ops – Everything wrong with testing in DevOps that you were afraid to ask

      Antonia Landi, Gapless: Quality Assurance in an AB-Test driven company – Why companies of tomorrow need QA Superstars, and how to become one

    • 11:30-11:35

      Time to Switch

    • 11:35-12:05

      Aaron Fox, SmartBear: End-to-End Testing: Looking Down

      Frederik Luttmann, Cassini Consulting: Testing AI applications

    • 12:05-12:10

      Time to Switch

    • 12:10-12:40

      Berina Vihrić, Ministry of Programming: Forget the Rules – Embrace the Chaos (Being a QA on a multi-million ICO)

      Raj Subramanian, Testim: How AI is transforming Software Testing

    • 12:40-13:55


    • 13:55-14:25

      Thomas Leitner, ADB Safegate: Challenges for quality and testing of Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems

      Amela Teftedarija, Comtrade Digital Services: Would you like to be a Supertester?

    • 14:25-14:30

      Time to Switch

    • 14:30-15:00

      Michael Stahl, Intel: The Fab Experience: How I stopped whining and started to appreciate Process

      Supreeth Chandrashekhar and Roshan JC, Phillips HealthCare: Understanding the Usage, Impact, and Adoption of Deep Learning in Software Quality

    • 15:00-15:05

      Time to Switch

    • 15:05-15:35

      Adam Leon Smith, Piccadilly Group: Testing for Bias

      Niranjani Manoharan, Pinterest: How to improve CI/CD pipeline for Mobile Test Automation

    • 15:35-16:05

      Coffee Break

    • 16:05-16:50

      Closing Keynote

      Fabian Dittrich, Helpando:

      Agile living and the future of work: 

      What I learned as the CEO  of a nomadic company

    • 16:50-17:05

      Quest for Quality Closing Words