Foyer Area

Hogan Mezzanine

Nally Suite

    • 08:30-09:00

      Welcome Coffee

    • 09:00-09:30

      Quest for Quality kick-off & welcome note

    • 09:30-10:30

      Opening Keynote

      Tariq King,
      Ultimate Software:
      AI-Driven Testing: A New Era of Test Automation

    • 10:30-11:30

      Pallavi Kumar , Alingenious:
      When AI Meets Software Testing

    • 11:30-12:00

      Coffee Break

    • 12:00-13:00

      Michael Clarke, Erudite Software: “Robots Took My Job!”: Where do Testers Fit In A Future Fueled by AI & ML.

    • 13:00-14:15

      Lunch Break

    • 14:15-14:45

      Zachary Attas,
      Services: How to Test Them When You Have The Keys to The Castle

      Pekka Marjamäki,
      Solita OY:
      Test Coaching

    • 14:45-15:15

      James Farrier,
      Using Machine Learning to Make Your Automated and Manual Testing Faster

      Ilya Sakharov,
      Hellofresh SE:
      Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility – Making It Work

    • 15:15-15:25

      Time for Switch

    • 15:25-15:55

      Sai Krishna & Srinivasan Sekar, ThoughtWorks: Appium and It’s Tensorflow Brain

      Martin Karlsberg,
      Infotive Test & Development:
      Awesomeness 2.0; How To Move Tests To The Next Level

    • 15:55-16:25

      Shama Ugale,
      Testing Conversational AI

      Maik Nogens,
      MaibornWolff GmbH:
      Testing VR; The Trinity Of Testing

    • 16:25-16:55

      Coffee Break

    • 16:55-17:55

      Round Table:

      Testing (with) AI

      Dejan Ćušić, Comtrade Digital Services

    • 17:55-22:00

      Networking Event

      @ The Hogan Mezzanine

    • 08:30-09:00

      Welcome Coffee

    • 09:00-09:45

      Yasar Sulaiman,
      Everest Reinsurance:
      Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over QA Jobs?

    • 09:45-10:35

      Jason Jerina,
      New York Life Insurance:
      The Future of Quality Assurance: A Path for A.I & Human Intelligence

    • 10:35-11:05

      Coffee Break

    • 11:05-11:35

      Alper Mermer,
      Preparing For The Future; How Mature Is Your Quality Process?

      Ana Sekerija,
      Why QA & DA Need Each Other

    • 11:35-11:40

      Time for Switch

    • 11:40-12:10

      Sunder Shyam,
      AI Techniques To Improve Software Testing

      Meaghan Thompson,
       Relevance; Test Leadership That Matters In An Uncertain Future

    • 12:10-12:15

      Time for Switch

    • 12:15-12:45

      Thiago Faria,
      AI With a DevOps MindSet – Experimentation, Sharing & Easy ML Deployment

      Patrick O’Beirne,
      Systems Modelling LTD:
      IT Under The Radar; Are Your Company’s SpreadSheets Tested As They Should?

    • 12:45-14:00


    • 14:00-14:30

      Milan Gabor,
      Security Testing For n00b Testers?

    • 14:30-14:35

      Time for Switch

    • 14:35-15:05

      Jörgen Damberg,
      Claremont AB:
      The Luxurious Development Future – With The Obstacles In The Rear View Mirror

      Katja Obring,
      Infinity Works:
      Anti-Fragility or Taming The Hydra

    • 15:05-15:10

      Time for Switch

    • 15:10-15:40

      Pramod Kumar Bommisetty,
      Soul Machines LTD:
      The Reality of Testing In The “Artificially Intelligent” World

      Lina Zubyte,
      It’s Tricky; Chatbots & QA

    • 15:40-16:10

      Coffee Break

    • 16:10-16:55

      Closing Keynote

      Rhealyn Mugri,
      First Data:
      Robots Are Here; What Can We Do To Keep Up?

    • 16:55-17:15

      Closing Words