Katja Obring; The Avid Reader.

Katja Obring is one of our amazing speakers for #Q4Q2019 conference, we had a small Q&A session with her, read all about it here.

Thanks for indulging us Katja, help us and our amazing delegates e-meet you. Tell us about ‘you’, how your software testing journey started;

“My way into software testing was not straightforward. Before joining the high tech world, I worked as a chef to pay the bills, and with an independent theater production as director’s assistant.

When I realized that this prevented me from ever socializing outside of work, I started looking for work with slightly less insane hours, and found an opportunity in the virtual world of Second Life, which was just before they started to make headlines. There I started as a customer support representative, before making the move into QA.

When I’m not staring at a computer I probably do something fibre related, like knitting or spinning yarn or weaving or sewing, and I volunteer as treasurer for my local Weavers, Spinners and Dyers guild.

The one thing that’s been constant in my life though has been reading, and I devour fiction (generally crime or urban fantasy) just as well as books and audio books on Philosophy, Sociology, Economy, Psychology and Psychiatry. I used to hate listening to books, but now I have a long commute and it’s a perfect start to the day to listen to something interesting while knitting a shawl or a jumper – living in the north of England one can never have too many of those!

A year ago I found myself in a difficult spot, despite the fact that I genuinely love what I do I worked in an environment that didn’t hold the same values I do, and it got pretty depressing. One day I handed in my resignation and took a couple of weeks to ponder my options. Eventually, I ended up on the phone having the first genuinely enjoyable phone screening of my career, and after that one thing led to another and now I’m working for a great company with a culture I can get behind, and with colleagues who are smart, driven and kind.

It’s not been all milk and honey, of course – I knew nothing about the work as a consultant when I joined, and that was a learning curve. A bit of trivia on the side – when people describe difficult learning as a “steep learning curve” they’re getting it wrong – a steep learning curve is what you want, because it means you’re getting to your goal quickly, a flat learning curve however visualizes no or very little progress in your learning.

I’ve also had to quickly brush up on my coding skills – we do work in a very devops-y way, and that means the vast majority of our testing is automated to free up mind space for thinking about what we really need to test, and what we want to achieve with our testing.

Of course my expertise in HOW to test things is still valuable, and I’m involved with defining process and improving delivery execution.

I’m keen to continue building my coding chops, and I really enjoy thinking about testing entire systems as opposed to just one bit of functionality. And of course this leads straight into AI and applications around that. As a company, we already work in that field in a few areas, mostly big data, and that’s something I want to learn more about.

Infinity Works is a company with a very flat hierarchy, where I’d like to continue to be involved in driving the D&I work that’s been going on over the last year, as that’s a topic near and dear to my heart.

The talk I’ll present at Q4Q is about how to frame your thinking in a way that negative events are not catastrophic, but become opportunities to improve and grow, and apply that to testing. 
It was inspired by a book I read, and this idea that we’re doing risk assessment wrong by trying to figure out what the negative event will be and fortifying against it. It really grabbed my imagination. As a tester, risk assessment is part of my daily life, and making decisions what to test, how to test and how deep to go are a huge part of what I do on a day to day basis. So reading that I’d got it all wrong (or had I?) was interesting and inspiring.

I believe AI is going to change our lives in ways we don’t anticipate yet, and it’s clearly the most exciting thing happening in software development at the moment. And while there are quite a few applications popping up utilizing AI to help testing, I have heard very little about TESTING the AI itself. There are some obvious challenges around that – how do you test something when expected results by the very nature of the application will be fluent? – and some not so obvious challenges, like how do make sure compassion and respect for diverse users is built into your application?

I am really looking forward to hearing thoughts around that, and have conversations with other professionals asking these questions!

I don’t really spend much time on social media, so most of my inspiration comes from podcasts and books.

Some of the podcasts I enjoy are The good life project, Revisionist History, 99% Invisible and Freakonomics. If you’re into the more gruesome stuff, Dr. Death and Dirty John are great, and I’ve just finished The Man in The Window which is really more about a societal issue than a serial rapist and killer.

Some of the books I’ve found thought provoking recently are (of course!) Anti-Fragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, the works of Kahnemann and Dan Ariely.

Current reading is Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, and commute listen is White Fragility by Robin Diangelo.

I am on LinkedIn, and do have a Twitter account at @kokori, but truth be told I’m not great on social media. Starting a professional blog has been on my list for a while now, but shockingly my days refuse to grow more than 24 hours!

Infinity Works, the company I work for has a blog at – https://engineering.infinityworks.com/ where we blog about engineering stuff but also some of the D&I, culture and events we work on.

Testing in the AI sphere is something I haven’t heard much about yet, and I’m really looking forward to hearing about how other professionals approach this.”

[Lina Zubyte, ThoughtWorks] Enabling The Team Rather Than Self

Meet Lina Zubyte, one of our speakers at the #Q4Q2019 conference in Dublin this November!

We had a small sit-out with her as we wanted to know more about her, her year so far and her plans for the conference. Here’s what we found, we believe you’d find a thing or two to glean for yourself as well.

Her feedback;

I’m a soul searcher: I love stories, expressions & breathtaking experiences. Be it fascinating people, interesting facts or spectacular nature.

Originally, I’m a Lithuanian small-town girl with a mathematics degree who turned into a quality analyst out of curiosity and passion for problem-solving. I love thinking outside-of-the-box and getting to work with various professionals for the same goal of developing high-quality products. The wanderlust in me has led me to work and live in a few countries including Lithuania, Hungary and currently, Germany.

Apart from quality, I’d love to talk to you about nature, travel, cinematography (Kieslowski and Miyazaki are some of my favorite directors!) and literature.

It’s been just a bit over a year that I’ve started a new step in my career: consulting, so the last 12 months were still filled with learning some secrets of consulting (by the way, I can just recommend Gerald Weinberg’s book “Secrets of Consulting” if you would like to learn a bit more on this!).

I’ve caught myself concentrating more on the team ceremonies and how to enable the team rather than enable myself. My role shifted from just doing my task in a QA column to aiding a high-performing team from as early as I can in the development cycle. This task is a continuous one which always makes every single day at work different and interesting.

I love logging & metrics in order to understand product’s quality better, so I want to concentrate on learning more about observability. Also, continue working with inspiring cross-functional teams.

Lina speaking at Q4Q 2017

At Q4Q 2019, I will share my story of challenges trying to evaluate the quality of a machine-learning driven chat-bot in my session “It’s tricky: Chatbots & QA”. When I got assigned to work on a chatbot project, I was so thrilled: wow, machine learning, wow, artificial intelligence! I was so excited to learn more in this field, especially, when it comes to measuring quality of a chatbot. It turned out to be quite a journey which helped me realize that AI may not take over the world (yet) and that it’s actually a lot of work that we as humans have to do in order to build high-quality machine learning products.

I have a history with Q4Q, it even is the reason why I am currently working for my company! I first attended it in 2017 as a speaker where I met some wonderful people with whom I’m still in touch with up to this day! Then in 2018 I attended again and here I am looking forward to my 3rd time in one of my favorite conferences this year.


I am really inspired by the content from Charity Majors, Katrina Clokie, Doc Norton.


To connect and keep up with projects I’m working on, follow me on Twitter at @buggylina (https://twitter.com/buggylina).


Thank you for spending time with us Lina!

James Farrier; Competitive Risk Taker!

We thought the moves made by James Farrier in the last few years are a lot brave and risky! So this blog is us cheering that bravery that comes with quitting a 9-5 and heading out to start a buzzing organization!

Born in New Zealand, James spent most of his life in either Australia or New Zealand.  He quit his job to start Appsurify in 2017 and decided to go traveling at the same time.  So he traveled for 2 years mostly through the Americas and Europe. Before that, he helped build up one of the biggest test automation teams in Asia Pacific, with thousands of automated tests running. he likes playing almost all games whether they be sports, e-sports or card games. He especially likes poker but gets far too competitive!

About starting appsurify, nothing moves fast enough when you’re starting a new company…Appsurify has gotten clients which is nice, now they need to get a positive cash-flow.  James says it’s been a big risk leaving a secure job to starting something by himself.  He hope the risk pays off as they really do want to create software to help testers.

In James’ words;

“I’ve loved starting my own company.  I would like everything to continue progressing.  I want to continue to build up the team, research new ways to improve and ideally end up having a large company.”

On the 2019 conference, here are his thoughts;

“Honestly, most companies are very slow in improving their testing practices and automation initiatives seem to constantly fail.  So my talk at Q4Q is mostly about how to have your automation initiative succeed, and how I’ve seen the elite IT companies make their automation valuable.”

His family is all from the UK and despite having spent 3 months in the UK in the last 2 years they skipped Ireland.  His wife loved it when she visited for the commonwealth games so he’s excited to see Dublin.

James says – “Quest for Quality also focuses on what we are looking to do, creating tools to help improve software testing so we can create reliable products. Previous ML test conferences and talks have focused heavily on bots, we would like to put forward another perspective.

My influencers are probably the same as everyone elses, Angie Jones and Joe Colantonio.  But I also have a small slack group where Xiaoxing Hu, Stefan Kahn, and Tristan Worley who were from my team at Fiserv keep me up to date on anything interesting they’ve seen.

To connect with me, visit Appsurify.com. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at Social Media, I need to get better! We do have an Appsurify twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and I regularly check my own LinkedIn account as well.

When people talk about AI and ML for QA, they’re usually referring to bots that may one day find bugs autonomously without creating tests, or software that can build tests automatically. But we’re demonstrating ML working now, not replacing automated and manual testing but making them work smarter.”

Thank you for your time James 🙂

7 Reasons to Attend Quest for Quality on the 5-6 of November, 2019 in Dublin!

Quest for Quality is a 2-day forward-thinking annual software QA and testing conference.

It discusses the latest trends and topics in Artificial Intelligence, Quality Assurance and Testing.

The conference brings together over 200 international thought leaders addressing the latest challenges of new technologies.

We gladly invite you to join us on the 5-6 of November 2019 as we discuss the unification of two perspectives on AI; AI in Testing and AI for Testing.

To make your decision easier, we have put together 7 reasons why the #Q4Q2019 is a must-attend event for all interested in the present and future of AI, software quality and testing.


1) Deliberately curated content:

The editorial board for the 2019 edition of Quest for Quality Conference consisted of a team of experts with hands-on industry knowledge and experience. Hence the conference was designed with one primary mission: to bring together industry experts who understand the current trend as far as AI is concerned when it comes to software development, testing & quality assurance while taking into consideration how these will affect & influence the future of tech as we know it today. Subsequently, talks were carefully selected that touch on all of the below questions:

What will be the role of QA & testers in the realm of new technologies and emerging platforms?

How does AI & the use AI for testing affect QA?

What are the challenges of testing new append-only technologies, like blockchain and decentralized applications?

How to strike a balance between market drivers, safety & security and shippable quality?

The editorial team have continuously and closely reviewed content with the speakers to ensure that attendees of the Quest for Quality 2019 conference leave the event with actionable insights, ideas, how-to’s, tips and tricks.

2) On-the-spot answers

We designed the conference (size, venue, location, etc) to ensure everyone can have room to ask questions and join the discussions either right after each session or during breaks. All you have to do is raise your hand!

3) Venue & Location: Europe’s very own Silicon Republic!

We chose Dublin! A city rich in history & widely known as the silicon republic of Europe since it is home to many tech giants including Comtrade Digital Services, the host company organizing the Quest for Quality conference. This year, the conference will hold at Croke Park, Placing you at one of Dublin’s most historic and most visited spot!

4) Connections, friendships & enriched network;
We know and appreciate the importance of every additional strand to your web of connections! The Quest for Quality conference was designed to attract top notch attendees and make networking with them easy, fun, simple and spontaneous. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with peers and speakers either over a well-deserved morning coffee, the QA sessions or over drinks and chewables at the evening networking event. The conference will also provide attendees with a networking app, you can get it via this link for android and this link for IOS, making it easy to reach out to other attendees & speakers even before the event.

5) Actionable insights

It is very likely that the challenges you are facing at your work are not unique to you. You might find a solution during the talks and you can always use the Q4Q conference as an opportunity to discuss the challenges or further understand the solutions you find and how to apply them to your specific case with people working on the same or similar projects. After all, knowledge, much like happiness, multiplies when shared.

6) Inspiration, motivation

Seeing & hearing what your peers are doing often results in the: “I too can do this” spirit. We are very proud that some of the attendees from 2016, 2017 & 2018 are returning this year not just as attendees but also as speakers with the goal of encouraging others to start something new. This conference might just be the push you need to inspire a transformation at your place of work, in ongoing projects or in your career generally.

7) The Quest community – A sense of belonging

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or an experienced tester, we invite everyone who make it their mission to advocate the importance of software quality to join and actively participate in the Quest community long after we shut the door on the conference. Join other members and like-minded peers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay abreast of most recent industry news. However, while connecting digitally is fun, discussing topics you are passionate about with knowledgeable peers eye-to-eye remains priceless, hence our advise for you to join us at the conference!

Click the button below to connect with us in Dublin on the 5-6 of November, 2019!

Martin Karsberg; Computers Over Guitars!

We had a blast hearing from Martin! You’d love it. so dig in to e-Meet him 🙂

“I wasn’t meant to work on software tests, I was destined for greater things. I had a bright future ahead of me as a rock star on the biggest of stages!! Madison garden was to become a “club gig” there was just one little problem, I wasn’t very good at playing guitar.

So I turned to computers instead. After a couple of years at uni I was ready!!! I was to be the best DBA the world has ever fostered. The sky is the limit. Millions were to roll into my bank account!! Just one problem, the IT-bubble popped like a bubblegum, so I ended up in Dublin working in a call center that wasn’t a big IT player in Stockholm with weekend travels to the French riviera on the company dime.

But this is where my Test journey started. By helping people with all sorts of computer problems, I laid the foundation for software testing. A year later I was back in Sweden and got a job as QA engineer at a upstart company. Together with a few other dedicated people we built a QA organization with test teams in several countries.

After 8 years of this I wanted to take my now fine-tuned testing skills out to the masses. And since then I have had the pleasure to work with a wide array of products in several areas of business (Telecom, Defense and automotive) and worked with many talented and excellent people.

Lately I also had the great fortune to get to work with people coming into software testing from a different angle. Finally, *wink wink* the academia and professors realized that to have good progress in innovation you also need good QA work.

And now, I finally get to enter the big international stages, such as the one in Dublin (Where it all began nearly 20 years ago) and Q4Q.

So what did happened with that music dream? Well I do play for the kids at home and music is always with me in some way. I plan my sprints and work like songs I love. And before I will take the floor in Dublin this November I know exactly what song it is that will be spinning in my head.

The biggest challenge I have undertook over the last 12 months was to start lecturing and holding courses in testing at a local college. The experience of meeting people with no testing background and trying to give them tools and insights in the daily work of a software tester has been very challenging. As I threw myself into this, thinking it would be easy, I quickly learned that lecturing takes no time, but conducting exercises takes forever 😊 Also that we all learn in different ways so one of the hardest part of this has been to explain test techniques from different views and angels.

I have also during the last 12 months closed a research project. It has been very rewarding to work with scientists, it has given me many new insights and views on technology and the quality assurance aspect of it.

I would love to work with software used in medicine/life science. I have worked with in the field of Defense (Radar systems), Legal and automotive. It would be nice to work with software that is life changing for people, saving life if you like.

My talk will give you some “mmmm” moments, some “I knew that” moments and hopefully one or two “What? I didn’t think of that” moments. But the interesting kick will be when I tell you how I was given the 3rd degree from one of the technology leaders at…a large auto manufacturing firm…in Gothenburg. He told me I got it all WRONG!!!

So as a part of my talk I will give you his view of the future challenges of testing as an extra bonus.

I attended the Q4Q 2018 conference and loved it. Why did I go to Q4Q? I have lived for a time in Dublin and simply love the city. So when looking for places to attend interesting conferences I stumbled upon Q4Q last year, this gave me a reason to return to Dublin and also learn something that can inspire me in my work at home in Gothenburg.

To connect with me, go to https://www.satisfice.com/ (duh) or https://www.meetup.com/ (I try to attend as many as I can. Meeting other testers is the best way to learn and get inspired)

Sorry, I’m not very into the social media scene….easiest way is to mail me at Martin.karsberg@infotiv.se I try to use https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinkarsberg/ as a platform for information on what’s going on, but I think I am failing at it. I also host this event twice a year https://www.meetup.com/Science-by-Infotiv/ (Sorry it’s in Swedish…)

I hope to meet interesting people and learn some new stuff. I hope to bring something back to Sweden that I can use in my daily work; a new insight, a nod of recognition or a new contact I can call next time I am in a testing pickle.


You know what… I love beer! I also love music! Dublin is full of both. So I am hoping to have time for a pint or two (love the rock bar at http://www.bruxelles.ie/ it was my preferred watering hole when I lived in Dublin) and if I’m allowed to dream a bit, I would love to be able to see a band like The Frames (Best Irish rock band EVER!!!) on stage in Whelans (http://www.whelanslive.com/).”

Pallavi Kumar; Tech Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

In view of the 2019 conference, we’re more than delighted to tell you more about Pallavi, in her own words! ;

“I am a tech entrepreneur, speaker and author. I am working on creating an online platform for making mental healthcare easily accessible to everyone around the world. I am passionate about social causes like Diversity and Inclusion in tech industry as well as mental health and my vision is to use technology to solve these issues.

Also, I have been speaker at several national tech conferences in the UK including Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019, National Devops Conference 2019 London and Digital Transformation Conference’19 London. I also write features on the latest technologies for some of the international tech magazines in UK & internationally. I am promoting #MentorHer scheme and I am providing mentorship to the people to help them find their way in the tech industry.

Last 12 months have been incredibly busy. I have been involved as a speaker in a lot of events, networking & met lots of like-minded people from various industries. I am working on creating the mental healthcare platform as well as providing mentorship to help more people get in the tech industry.

I have been contributing in the TEST magazine and written features about latest tech as well as working on my upcoming book.

I see myself as a sociopreneur. My vision is to use technology to create solutions for some most pressing social issues in the world. I aspire to promote and create a more diverse and inclusive tech industry where we can create technology for everyone as well as different cultures being represented fairly in shaping the future.

At Quest for Quality Conference 2019, I am talking on “When AI meets software testing”. This is my third talk in the series “when AI meets” – different aspects of the software industry. In past conferences, I have talked about “When AI meets Digital Transformation” and “When AI meets Devops” where I talked about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on various fields in the industry. With my deep interest in Artificial Intelligence, I like to discuss the impact of this ground-breaking tech which will revolutionize the way we do things. How AI will make the manual as well as automation testing more efficient and how tirelessly the AI tools will be able to contribute towards a more robust software testing.

I would also be busting the widespread myths around the role of AI in the software testing industry and I repeat yet again – Tech is an enabler, but humans are drivers! “

Quest for Quality is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe and the main theme this year – “uniting two perspectives on AI” is very interesting as we will be exploring the impact of ground-breaking tech like Artificial Intelligence on Software Testing and Quality which is very crucial part of the tech industry.

I am very excited to be part of this incredible event and to network with like-minded people. I would like to thank Olohimai and the whole “Quest for Quality” team for organizing this great conference.

I am a massive fan of Elon musk and Jeff Bezos as they are the amazing visionaries of our time and have changed the way we do things. I read a lot of books and feature on different websites like medium.com, forbes.com etc. I like to know about the latest innovations and technologies.

You can find out more about me & my work on via my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pallavi-kumar1/ also, you can follow me on twitter: @Pallavi_kmr

I am currently working on the development of my personal website which is work in progress and would be live soon: www.pallavikumar.co.uk

Looking forward to meeting YOU at the conference!”

10 Things to Do in Dublin

This year’s edition of the Quest for Quality Conference, hosted by Comtrade Digital Services is scheduled to take place at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin on the 5-6 of November, 2019.

The conference will focus on the relationship between Artificial Intelligence, Quality Assurance and Testing with some of the brightest thought leaders from around the globe in attendance.

This year has an amazing array of speakers including – Jason Jerina, Corporate Vice President of Quality Engineering at New York Life Insurance and Tariq King, Founder and President at Global Quality Leadership Institute. There will also be a number of panel discussions and networking opportunities during the two-day event.

If you’re heading along to Quest for Quality, why not take the opportunity to explore what Dublin has to offer? Here are a few ideas to get you started…

1. Escape Boats Dublin

Escape Boats Dublin is perfect for anyone looking for a little adventure. Working together in groups from two to 10 players on the Zorg Ella boat, teams have to solve puzzles and crack codes to escape. Located at Grand Canal Docks, it’s a great activity if you have an hour or two free.

2. Skywalking Croke Park

Ireland’s largest sports venue, which happens to also be the venue for the Q4Q2019 conference – Croke Park is a must see for all visitors. However, if you have already been or have no interest in sport, then the Skywalk might be for you. Forty four meters from the ground, the tour gives visitors the chance to see Dublin from a new height and learn about Irish history.

3. Literary Pub Crawl

This tour has everything you could want – from quoting literary greats such as Joyce and Yeats, to hitting up some of the city’s best pubs. The Literary Pub Crawl kicks off at 7.30pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Vintage Tea Tour

Thanks to the Vintage Tea Tours, visitors can enjoy tea and delicacies as they listen to 1950s jazz while travelling in a fully restored Routemaster bus. Every dietary need is catered to and the experience takes between 70 to 80 minutes. This is definitely a unique way to spend an afternoon.

5. Science Gallery

Recognised as a cultural venue, the Science Gallery presents science and contemporary art exhibitions, as well as workshops, talks and performances. With free admission and easy access in the city centre, the Science Gallery is a great way to broaden the mind.

6. Iveagh Gardens

If you fancy some time in the great outdoors, the Iveagh Gardens are definitely worth a visit. With a history dating back over 300 years, they are renowned for their beautiful landscape and are perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle.

7. Butlers Chocolate Experience

Discover the secrets of a chocolate factory as you embark on the Butlers Chocolate Experience. Expert chocolate tour guides will take you through the history of Butlers Chocolate, the interactive museum and a chocolate demonstration. At the end of the tour, visitors decorate their own chocolate figures.

8. Dublin by Kayak

Dublin by Kayak offers visitors the chance to see Dublin from a whole new perspective. Local guides take you on a memorable experience as you kayak on the Liffey. No experience is needed for this adventure as it suits every level of fitness.

9. Stella Cinemas

Located in Rathmines and Ranelagh, the Stella Cinemas aren’t your average film theatres. Recently restored, the venues offer people the chance to watch the latest films in 1920s style surroundings. A full menu and delicious cocktails are also on offer as you sit back and relax.

10. Token

An award-winning restaurant, Token is not to be missed. Treat yourself to a nice meal and drinks, before enjoying the vintage arcade with over 40 machines. An evening in Token is a great way to unwind and revisit the good old days!

Whether you’re looking to relax or explore Ireland’s capital, there are plenty of things to see and do while in Dublin for Quest for Quality. And if these suggestions aren’t up your street, check out the Guinness Storehouse, Etto and the Kilmainham Gaol.

Attend the Q4Q 2019 conference and explore Dublin with us, click the button below to get your tickets;

Quest for Quality Conference, A Different Perspective

Here is an interesting story of our journey with Raj Subramanian. Last year, he was a speaker at the conference and this year, a member of the editorial board that reviewed the paper submissions from speakers applying to speak at #Q4Q2019.

Here iss his editorial-board-member perspective of the conference!

Meet Raj, Developer Evangelist at Testim and member of the #Q4Q2019 Editorial Board. 🙂

Team Q4Q: Raj, Tell us about your history with Q4Q – when You first joined the conference as a speaker; what influenced your decision to submit a paper as well your journey to becoming a part of the editorial board in 2019.

Raj: Since 2011, I have been speaking at various conferences. When I speak at a conference, I want to make sure they stand for something and help in making the community better. That being said, Q4Q was one such conference. I first spoke at Q4Q 2018 when I gave a talk on how AI is influencing software testing. What made this conference unique was that almost all the talks were focusing on cutting edge technologies in the areas of AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, IoT, Test Automation, UX, Agile and DevOps. I was so impressed with Q4Q that I wrote a blog post about my experience which unexpectedly went viral. There are very few conferences like Q4Q currently that has so many great speakers and content. So, I was and will always be, thrilled and honored to be part of it.

Team Q4Q: As a part of the decision makers, was the role of editorial board member in some ways harder than actually speaking at the conference? How did it feel to be on the editorial board. What did you have in mind when reviewing the submissions?

Raj: Being a part of the editorial board has taught me how much hard work is put into choosing the speakers. As the saying goes: with great power comes great responsibility. This year the amount and quality of talk submissions were impressive. There was so much great content, but, unfortunately, not as many speaking slots. Having been on the other side – as a speaker before, I knew how much effort each of the possible speakers had spent just to try to express their ideas in this limited amount of words. This made it quite a challenging task to rate the talks. I tried to research the topics proposed, compare submissions with each other, and provide not only a numeric rating but some comments as well to ease the final decision.

Team Q4Q: What advice do you have for those that might consider submitting their paper or idea next year?

Raj: As testers, developers and managers, we experience so many real life problems in our projects. During these times we quite often think out of the box to find a solution to a problem, identify these kinds of experiences and if there is something you think is worth sharing with the community that may help other people learn from it, submit it as a talk. This will have more chance of getting picked up by Q4Q and most other conferences. Also, while writing the abstract, make sure you describe the problem; how it affected the team, the solution and the lessons learned. Make sure you clearly indicate what would be the takeaways for the audience from this talk.

Team Q4Q: From the list of selected speakers, is there a speaker you would really love to hear and why?

Raj: As much as I love seeing experienced speakers share their story, I have learnt a lot by attending talks from first time speakers. They are passionate and majority of the time offer great content and perspective on different topics. So, if I were at Q4Q 2019, I would love to hear talks from first time speakers.

Raj, speaking at Q4Q 2018

Team Q4Q: Tell us about your blog and the next article(s) you are creating:

Raj: I blog on a regular basis on AI, testing, leadership, motivation and self-improvement topics. I have 3 blogs focused on these areas-




The next article I am working on (will be published soon) is about the impact of AI on humans and software development/testing. We live in a golden age where technology influences every facet of our daily lives. This is especially true with the coming of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI). AI is everywhere – from virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri to aiding the creation of new disruptive technology like autonomous cars, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Areas of healthcare, finance, retail, customer analytics and manufacturing have already started seeing positive effects of using AI, many of which we would have never thought possible just a few years ago. At the same time, we have downsides of using AI, such as how it can easily be influenced on issues of race, culture and diversity, making it a burden to society. In this article, I discuss the origins of AI, debunk some of the myths surrounding artificial neural networks and discuss how AI could have an unprecedented impact on human life. I provide some insights into how AI will impact software development and testing and finally share my insights about the future of AI. 

I am also giving a keynote based on the same theme this year at Agile Testing Days, Germany 2019 in November – https://agiletestingdays.com/2019/session/being-mortal-in-the-age-of-artificial-intelligence/

This is my current area of research and hoping to share more content with the community in the upcoming months.

Team Q4Q: If our readers have any questions or would simply like to connect with you, where & how can they find you?

Raj: I am grateful for being on the editorial board. In case, people are interested to know more about me, my publications, my conference experiences and why Q4Q gave me this opportunity, they can check out the below links-

My Speaking Experience – http://www.rajsubra.com/presentations/

My Recorded Talks – http://www.rajsubra.com/recorded-talks/

My Youtube Channel – http://www.rajsubra.com/my-youtube-channel/

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                     Raj as member of the round table Discussion at Q4Q 2018

Pramod kumar Bommisetty; The Man Who Fell In Love With A Digital Human

Pramod, a speaker at Q4Q2019 has an interesting personality, we believe you’d feel the same when you meet him in Dublin! But first, here’s his e-troduction of himself;

“I love travelling and learning new stuff. Pottery is a recent interest I acquired. Started learning and practicing. It’s taught me about concentration and patience. I also Love to spend time with my kid. I play badminton regularly and it teaches me to be strong and quick. Working on starting a technology startup after failing 3 attempts with my friend. It’s my passion and I am keep on trying to start some business.

It was a roller coaster ride in the last 12 months. I have been facing most challenging things to solve in automation in my whole 15 years’ experience. Since I am working on a Unique product built on AI, there are several road blocks and challenges to solve while testing. The only good thing is I got lots of exposure and experience with lot of new technologies in these 12 months.

I am looking forward to build a great QA team and technologies to test all new era problems in our Org. My career aspirations are to create an Open source Visual testing tool for Video and want to pursue PHD in Software engineering.

I will be talking about how I fell in love with a Digital human 😀 And I will tell you how and why we used to do facial exercises daily at the webcam.

Quest for Quality is one of the best conferences which has focus on new era things and I see industry experts come and share their knowledge, vision and experiences with people.  The diversity in culture, speakers, and technologies inspired me to attend this conference

I follow many of the technology websites for Automations and AI. My earliest inspiring blogs I have gone through are from James Whittaker.

To connect with me, you can directly catch-up over a pint of beer in Dublin or via my LinkedIn page. I don’t update that frequently on LinkedIn but I am active in social meetups in NZ, emails or slack.

I want to utilize most of the time in these kinds of conferences to gain knowledge and meet new people. So I am looking forward to socializing with people during the breaks and know about their experiences. I would like to see if we are going to have a 90 second sessions to allow people share their views.”

Michael Clarke; AKA Tester Mike

e-Meet Michael Clarke, one of our Keynotes at the 2019 conference!

“I’ve been working in Software Testing for just over 2 years and really love the variety the role brings – the rapid pace of technology offers opportunities for testers to get in first, and the breadth of the testing industry means there’s always something new to learn.

Prior to testing I served as a Communications Warfare Specialist in the Royal New Zealand Navy and helped run a small telecommunications company.

Outside of my day job I enjoy co-organising meetups through the Ministry of Testing Auckland Chapter, and spending time with my wife and two young daughters.

I enjoy watching football but haven’t played for a lot longer than I’d like to admit!

The last 12 months have been incredible. From travelling to New Caledonia with the NZ Air Force in January, bringing together 100’s of testers through meetups, and being invited to take part in the Quest for Quality conference, 2019 is going to be a hard one to beat!

I really enjoy testing and the opportunities available, but also really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others.  Short term I’d really like to upskill in Accessibility Testing, Security Testing, and Test Automation (including AI/ML).

Longer term I’d like to get involved with teaching, training and mentoring new testers.

When I first started testing there was a lot of noise online about how test automation will replace testers jobs; now I’m seeing similar noise about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning doing the same.

My presentation at Q4Q will cover my own journey into testing from an entirely non-technical background, and why I don’t believe the robots will steal our jobs. There are pitfalls and an element of danger for those unwilling to adapt, but I feel real opportunity for those brave enough to keep learning.

There are an increasing number of tech and testing conferences available, but Quest for Quality really caught my eye with their focus on bringing testing and AI/ML discussions together.  I don’t know as much about AI as I’d like to and I’m really looking forward to learning from thought leaders in the field.

The Ministry of Testing and Association for Software Testers have been a real goldmine for information on testing.  As far as AI is concerned, I’ve really liked what Tariq King and Jason Arbon have brought to light and am interested in what the AISTA has to offer.

I have fond memories from a presentation that James Farrier gave in Auckland a year or so ago and am looking forward to his presentation at Q4Q.

I’m on twitter at @TesterMikeNZ and have a blog at https://mikethetesternz.wordpress.com

Otherwise if you find yourself in my corner of the globe come say Hi at a Ministry of Testing Auckland meetup.”