Speakers’ Spotlight: Antonia Landi

We are excited to welcome Antonia Landi to the conference! 🙂 In the interview below, you will find out who is Antonia, what she will be talking about at Q4Q Conference and what is her personal definition of QA.


Antonia is an accumulation of experiences, likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. I was born in Switzerland to Italian parents, studied and lived in Scotland for nearly a decade and eventually ended up in the Berlin startup scene, where I currently reside and operate. I was a games tester first, now I’m a Project Manager and Agile Coach. Personally, there are four things I feel very strongly about: Cats, Korean pop music, video games, and anime. If you can find some way to combine all those things there’s a good chance we’re gonna become friends. I also love to sleep, eat and drink tea.


What is your personal definition of QA and testing in the light of today’s?

I see QA and testing as an integral part of any software development process. I don’t think QA is a luxury, I think it’s a necessity and I firmly believe that an engineering team is only complete once testers are involved. At the same time, I also think that testing is becoming less and less of a purely technical discipline. Instead, I see testers at the crossroads between engineering, product and people.

How was the last 12 months? What worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

The last 12 months were turbulent to say the least. I changed jobs, learned an awful lot of things, got a new job title, learned a bunch more, attended my first conference, and was inspired to contribute to one myself! My husband and I also got a kitten in the past year, and she’s never done keeping us on our toes with her shenanigans.

Where do you see yourself in the coming years? What are your career aspirations?

I see myself as someone who enables other people to do their best work. I want to be a person who can inspire others, help them on their career journey, and hopefully even teach them a thing of two.

What will you be talking about at Quest for Quality?

At Quest for Quality I will be talking about how testing in an AB-test driven company works, the advantages and disadvantages that come with that, and how to approach this relatively little-discussed aspect of testing.

What inspired you to attend?

I came across Quest for Quality when I was looking for new and inspiring conferences to attend. The theme of this year’s conference immediately resonated with me and I really wanted to be a part of it. I think it’s vital that we as QA professionals think about and educate ourselves and each other on what’s to come and Quest for Quality seemed like a great place to do just that.

Which influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

Apart from the usual tech blogs I love using Twitter and Slack communities to stay up to date on all things testing and exchange ideas with other people in the software development industry! There are so many great people out there with unique and interesting insights, it would be impossible to list them all.

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

The easiest way to find out more about me and what I’m working on is to get in touch! You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, in various Slack groups and of course at conferences all over the world! I love chatting to all sorts of folk about all sorts of things, so come say hi.

Anything else you would like to add?

I’d like to take this moment to thank the people behind Quest for Quality for organizing the event – I really can’t wait to share my knowledge and gain a bunch at the same time! As a brand new speaker I am very grateful for this opportunity and I intend to make the most of it 🙂


[AGILE TALKS] Moving Forward With 4 Agile Talks Tailored Just for You

Let’s continue with presenting talks from 2018 Quest for Quality Conference. Today, we will write about 4 talks related to testing and agile.


I  In October, our speaker Dmitry Vinnik from Salesforce will speak about:

Domain Driven Testing: Know What You Doing

Dmitry will share his experience in starting a new domain of Website Building Software and how learning about other products in the industry allowed him and his team to avoid reinventing the wheel. “I tested it how you told me to”, “Acceptance Criteria said this is expected”, “I assumed it is fine” – these are frequent thoughts with which Dmitry started describing his talk. To hear more, we recommend to join Dmitry in Dublin. 🙂


II  Did you know that:

The Main Power of Tester is Information

Our speaker Igor Goldshmidt from Gett will teach you that the man who has the information has the power to influence.

According to Igor, one of the main goals of a QA engineer is to collect as much information as possible about the state of the product and the process of its development. That is how an engineer will be able to influence and improve the quality of the product and processes. Join Igor for his session here.


III  Moving next to another speech about continuous integration and quality processes, Juan Manuel Perez, our speaker from Ebury Partners, will give a speech about:

Continuous Integration Workflow and Quality Processes in Our Financial and Agile Environment

Juan will show how the QA Tribe is working in Ebury, being part of the whole software development life cycle, how they are involved in an agile environment, executing any kind of test according to their projects (automated, performance, E2E – GUI, manual) from the analysis to the release phase. Learn more from Juan’s topic at Q4Q conference.


IV  Another amazing speech will be given by Niranjani Manoharan from Pinterest:

How to improve CI/CD pipeline for Mobile Test Automation

“What if I told you that you can get the visibility of your test automation from your executives?”, Niranjani asks. “And what if I told you that there are 3 key aspects that you need to address which will get their heads to turn towards you! ” If she has got your attention, then she promise you won’t be disappointed! But you better get convinced in person. 🙂


Speakers’ Spotlight: Adam Leon Smith

Warm welcome to our speaker Adam Leon Smith from Piccadilly Group. Following, you can read an interview to find out who is Adam, how he defines QA and what he will speak about at Quest for Quality Conference.


Who is Adam? 🙂


A technology generalist, who’s been hacking around with tech since he was a toddler.  He remembers learning BASIC programming fairly early by typing in several pages of code from a computer magazine, spending a few hours debugging all his typos and trying to save his work on a cassette.

“I think I must have fixed thousands of Syntax Errors before I knew what Syntax even was”, says Adam. “Later I grew into QA and Testing, which I’ve always loved as I can use a large range of skills in the same role, as opposed to being aligned to a specific technology.  Now, I’m lucky enough to live in Barcelona and run Piccadilly Group’s technical arm there. Moving to a different country to work is a really fulfilling experience which I think everyone should at least once try in their career!”

Out of work, Adam enjoys food and drink while spending time with friends. He is a vegetarian, which means sometimes he can be bit fussy about the restaurants, but it’s fairly easy now in Europe, he says. Adam has always traveled a lot for both work and pleasure, which makes him feels very lucky – except when it’s 4am and he’s getting up for another flight! 🙂


What is your personal definition of QA and testing in the light of today’s?

I don’t think the definition of QA and Testing has changed at all, but I think there is a huge split between people who work in product development and typically work in an agile fashion, and people who work in the implementation of software, who work quite differently.  I don’t think people necessarily think in these terms and they tend to think of the “other” type of tester negatively.

I also think there’s a whole range of challenges coming around how we test machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  There’s a re-skilling necessary and I don’t really see it happening to any significant degree.  Ultimately, risk drives the agenda with testing, and there’s a whole load of new quality risks we need to get our heads round.

How was the last 12 months? What worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

The last year has been professionally very challenging, we’ve brought our first product to market which means I’ve had to learn a lot about managing a product development team, but also about sales and marketing.  At a small company senior managers need to wear a lot of hats, and sometimes it feels like the more successful you are, the more personal development you need to do.

I’ve also started a part-time law degree this year, which with retrospect may have been over-ambitious, at least based on my assignment scores!  It has (obviously) informed me a lot more about the law, and this has contributed to my interested in ethical technologies.

Where do you see yourself in the coming years? What are your career aspirations?

I love to help firms address their business challenges and foster collaboration and innovation in a world that is constantly changing.  The tech industry is changing hugely, so much I don’t think we’ll even refer to it as the tech industry in a decade.

The role I want to play over the coming years is to help the tech industry, and especially the testing profession, to make the shift.  We need to start thinking about ethics and artificial intelligence as non-functional requirements, and learn how to test software which is becoming more human.

What will you be talking about at Quest for Quality?

I’m going to be talking about testing for algorithmic bias.  There’s a lot of talk about AI ethics at the moment and there’s some really thorny issues to solve. I’m raising awareness of algorithmic bias and talking about really practical things testing & QA staff can do to identify and reduce risks.

What inspired you to attend?

I’ve heard really good things about last year’s conference and I’ve never been before!  I also love Dublin, it’s a beautiful city.

What is inspiring me to do the talk is different, I’ve been researching the topic for about six months and recently started working with the IEEE and a various academics to try and figure out how we should deal with algorithmic bias.  I’m really keen to get more input from industry, so I wanted to bring the conversation to some relevant events.

Which influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

I’m a massive twitter fan, I find it amazing to find people interested in specific topics.  It can also be the worst place in the world, in particular if you delve into the comments on tweets about politics.  Luckily, the trolls and bot farms stay away from software testing threads on twitter!

Notable QA/testing influencers I follow on twitter include:  @docjamesw, @jamesmarcusbach, @alanpage, @techgirl1908, @gojkoadzic

I also consume a lot of content from Hacker News, Medium, Curiosity, and Reddit.  I read a lot 🙂

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

Following me on twitter or connecting on LinkedIn is a good way, you can also email or DM me.  If people are interested in the testing for bias conversation I have a mailing list where I’m encouraging a collaborative approach to developing the project.

Anything else you would like to add?

This year I’ve been really enjoying looking at how emerging technology is changing the way we build and test software.  I’m a member of the European AI Alliance advising the European Commission, and the IEEE’s standards development group working on some of these topics.


[Future of Testing] 3 Talks About Testing in the Future You Will Wish to Hear

If you are interested in testing and quality assurance, it is most likely that you wonder what will happen in 10 years from now on! What will change and why, and how it will affect QA and testing?

What is the future of testing and which one is the right path to choose?

At Quest for Quality Conference, main theme for the 2018 is “Reinventing QA in the new IT era”. New era means the future is already here, and the question is “Are we ready”? Join the speakers below at our conference in October in Dublin and discover more from their sessions about Future of Testing.


I Let’s start with Benjamin Talin from the company MoreThanDigital and his topic:

10 Things That Will Dissapear in 10 Years

Benjamin Talin


We are all witnesses of the mobile technology revolution and its impact everywhere. During the change, it is almost inevitable for some technologies to disappear. We will stop here, because we want to fire your imagination. Join Ben at his talk and you will find out what will most likely happen in the near future.


II Next, we would like to present this dream team coming from Sopra Steria. Saga Davidsdottir and Lene Navdal will introduce you to virtual reality and the topic:

Ready Player One – How to Test Mixed Reality

Saga B. Davidsdottir


Lene Navdal


Did you hear of Ernest Cline’s book “Ready Player One” and the Oasis. Do you know there is Virtual Reality World, where people log on and actually hang out, learn and work? Saga and Lene will tell you much more about facts that prove Ernest’s book is becoming reality. There are too many challenges for you, testers, and many questions to answer! Psst, there will be some demo too!


III And last but not least, Marie Kress and Klemen Koželj from Comtrade Digital Services. Another dream team that will talk about:

Innovation: Wonderland or Promiseland?

Quest for Quality Speaker
 Marie Kress
Quest for Quality Speaker
 Klemen Koželj


In the world full of temptations, there are many trends promising to lead you to success and distractions. The question is “How to decide which new technology and trend to follow on your path to success?” Marie and Klemen will talk about diverse factors, which will influence your rocky road to the Innovation Wonderland or  Innovation Promiseland, it depends.

Join these amazing speakers at Quest for Quality and

Speakers’ Spotlight: Aaron Fox

Meet Aaron, our speaker at Quest for Quality , who will speak about End-to-End Testing.


And, who is Aaron? 🙂

Aaron Fox is Technical Sales Engineer at SmartBear Software. Previously, he was Technical Project Lead at DXC Technology. He began his career working with SAP in Galway, Ireland as a .NET developer focusing on enhancing functionality and correcting issues on internal systems. He then became Support Engineer at HP working in the SAP space. During the HP separation, he was mapped to the HPE, given the opportunity to lead the SAP EMEA support team as a technical lead. He was responsible for all test related activities involving the SAP space and sat on the code review board for code standards and quality for the EMEA region. Now working in a services company where peers and colleagues became the customer, Aaron became Test Manager for Fiscal Year End, one of the most important financial projects on the HPE account where he was responsible for all the testing activities. Aaron has a bachelor’s degree from National University of Ireland, Galway and a higher diploma in software development from the University of Limerick.


What will you be talking about at Quest for Quality?

I will be speaking about End-to-End Testing. I will speak about the advantages and disadvantages of a horizontal approach versus a vertical approach and how in fact we often use a combination of both. I will touch on the role of the modern Tester and how the attitude towards a Tester’s role has changed in past number of years with the introduction of new methodologies and a shift in mindset.

What inspired you to attend?

Quest for Quality has always been on my radar and an opportunity I could not have passed on given the experience and knowledge in attendance and its proximity to home was a massive bonus. I wanted to share my experiences and get valuable feedback from some of the best people in the industry.

What is your personal definition of QA and testing in the light of today’s?

For me QA and testing is the continuous challenge of trying to simulate the most realistic real-world scenarios to ensure the best possible products for customers.

How was the last 12 months? What worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

The last 12 months have been crazy. In this time, I have gone from being the Tester to managing the testing as a Test Manager to now working in a more advisory type role to customers, looking for testing tools and solutions which best fit their needs. Although hectic the path I have been on could not have worked out better for me. A big part of testing is understanding people and their mindset, I love the psychological side of testing and being able to speak with testers of all levels across all industries, it is like having your own personal supply of knowledge and ideas. I don’t think things could have moved quicker for me in this time!

Where do you see yourself in the coming years? What are your career aspirations?

Who knows! QA and testing is continually growing, it has never been so dynamic and changeable which makes it so exciting and interesting. I think from a career perspective I am in the perfect place for me now. Every day I help customers realize better, more efficient and accurate solutions and this is what I love. My aspirations will always be in the test space helping people implement the best test solution. I am really excited to see where QA and testing will be in 5-10 years’ time and you can be sure I will be in the middle of it!

Which influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

Andrew Fullen of Sogeti is an authority on all things testing and someone who I have been lucky enough speak with and turn to for advice. His experiences and insights have been very valuable for me.

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

I am always active on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronfoxirl , be sure to connect and reach out to me anytime about anything! You can also find me on SmartBear Academy where I regularly host our webinars where we discuss the hottest topics in testing.

Anything else you would like to add?

I love QA and testing and while it is my career there so much more going on away from here. I love sports, and I am deeply involved in the GAA, Ireland’s national sport, where I coach youth teams and play. In my spare time I like to completely detach myself of all things technology and get outdoors and explore. I qualified as a Geologist before I ever knew what a Junit test was!

[AI ALERT] 5 AI Talks at Q4Q2018 You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Hey guys, stay up to date with hottest topics in the new IT era, by visiting Quest for Quality Conference and listening these 5 AI talks:


1. „Not Only Cars: “AI, Please Test My App”“

We will start with Liran Barokas, our speaker from Applitools, Israel.

Quest for Quality | Speakers
Quest for Quality | Speakers | Liran Barokas


Some of the main bullet points of his talk are:

*Autonomous cars were a Scifi dream not 10 years ago.

**A computer driving a car? No way. But it did happen, and is happening.

***And if scientists do it for a complicated task such as driving, can they do it for automated regression testing?


In this talk Liran will explain what kind of help current AI techniques can bring to automated testing. Join him for his session and you will not regret. 🙂


2. „Dear Future, I am ready!?!“

Next, we move to Stefani Majić, who comes from Span LTD, Croatia.

Quest for Quality | Speakers | Stefani Majić


With such an interesting topic, she will intrigue all of you interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which are slowly but definitely penetrating every area of our life.

Stefani asks: „Could we, or better, do we dare to talk about a predictive QA, where testing is being optimized by identifying and focusing on predicted failures and potential defects, that were not previously anticipated?” Join her on the session, where you’ll start your journey with AI to make QA more sophisticated than ever.

“Roads? Where we are going, we don’t need roads!”, says Stefani. The only road is the one you should take to Dublin, to hear her talk . 🙂


3. „Understanding the Usage, Impact, and Adoption of Deep Learning in Software Quality“

Now, a bit more technical session by our speakers Supreeth and Roshan, from Philips HealthCare, India.

Quest for Quality | Speakers | Supreeth Chandrashekhar


Quest for Quality | Speakers | Roshan JC


The test quality (Coverage, Scenarios, and Defects) is one of the most important pieces of any software system. However, due to the unknown limitations of product understanding or missed scenarios to test would result in an impact on the overall quality of the software system.

To uncover the reasons behind the lack of software quality in systems, Philips conducted a mix-method study. What are the tips and conclusions that Supreeth and Roshan will share? Fly to Dublin to find out. 🙂


4. „How AI is transforming Software Testing“

A speech that will give our speaker Raj Subramanian. Raj comes from Testim, Chicago.

Quest for Quality | Speakers | Raj Subramanian


About 5 years ago everyone was talking about “Mobile First” and giving the user a mobile experience using mobile web, native and hybrid applications. Now, the new buzzword is AI. It is everywhere – in self-driving cars, speech recognition (people sure do love their Alexa :-)), and much more.

Raj says the audience will enjoy next key takeaways:

***Learn the basics of AI, How to Test AI based applications, Learn ways software testing can benefit from AI, Identify and discuss challenges involved in implementing AI based solutions.

His session starts on 4th Oct at 11am, track 2 – so hurry up and register. 🙂


5. „Testing for Bias“

And last, but not least – Adam Leon Smith fromPiccadilly Group, UK.

Quest for Quality | Speakers | Adam Leon Smith


There are unique ethical risks that occur when personal data and machine learning meet. Adam will discuss practical steps to mitigate them.

AI and machine learning introduce complex algorithms which affect our daily life. Despite all the benefits of machine learning it can be biased, and there are risks that are introduced which can manifest themselves as bias towards customers or users, for example in the form of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

Find out the rest by joining Adam’s session in October. 🙂


*Note: this is the first blog post about AI talks, we will return soon with more amazing AI topics and speakers!

Speakers’ Spotlight: Benjamin Talin

Hi crowd, meet Ben, our keynote speaker from MoreThanDigital. We spoke with Ben and here is what we found out!


So, who is Ben? 🙂

Originally Austrian, Benjamin lives now in Switzerland. The small town just 10 min from Zurich is called Brüttisellen where he enjoys his nights in his garden, with his dog Pink and also sometimes with a laptop and a beer. (Work never ends for an entrepreneur) he founded 11 companies, currently is the owner of the helm 361 Group where he has an agency, consultancy, software development companies and several of its own startups. Inventions, technology and especially digitalization are his hobby but also work. With his NGO MoreThanDigital.info, he founded the biggest European initiative for digitalization to help people use and understand topics around digital. As a keynote speaker, he travels a lot but still, he needs to see more of the works on his own so he is around the globe to learn and explore.


What will you be talking about at Quest for Quality?

About the future and how new technology will make other technologies, we currently take for granted, obsolete. And that only in 10 years from now.

What inspired you to attend?

I love to inspire people and give them some passion as I have for several different topics. You will see what I mean by this.

What is your personal definition of QA and testing in the light of today’s?

Our world is too much into 150% solutions. There is unfortunately not too much space for trial and error do in regards to this topic there is a huge potential for companies to learn faster and act faster.

How was the last 12 months? What worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

Lots of ups and downs. There were start-up projects we closed down, there were customers going bankrupt but there were also lots of interesting ups. We created within 10 months the biggest initiative for digitalization; I finally got to spend a long holiday and managed to build the pool. 🙂

Where do you see yourself in the coming years? What are your career aspirations?

My goal is to help way more companies in finding their way into digital. Top priority is also to work less, travel more but in the end, this was the resolution for many years … so let’s see if I can change this year. 😉

Which influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

T3n, MoreThanDigital, Business Insider, WEF, Intel, NVIDIA

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

Actually, the quickest and nicest way is always with a beer and a nice personal talk.

Anything else you would like to add?

Technology is changing our world, so we need to change more. Never forget to question the status quo and you will find the best things!